May 14, 2018

I’ve forgotten how much effort building a fanlisting (FL) actually takes! First, it took me forever to be happy with the blend I made for the header (but I’m quite pleased with the final product). Then, it took me a while to finally settle on a name and URL (because I thought a Japanese-themed domain doesn’t quite go well with a Western subject, but in the end I decided it couldn’t be helped). And then, of course, my coding skills are so rusty, and that’s why it’s so much harder—and incredibly longer—but I’m glad I got this one done. (I’m still not quite pleased with some of the elements, not to mention the content, so maybe I’ll go and add those in the coming days.)

I was so psyched to be approved for one of my biggest OTPs, Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, and I’m so pleased my first FL after jumpstarting this domain is for them. ♥ So without further ado, I present to you:

The Tony and Pepper Fanlisting

The Tony/Pepper Fanlisting

(So: one down, five more to go, lol)