Apr 10, 2018

After talking to Aki, I realized “The Beloved Collective” is such a blah nickname for this Koishii.org. It’s short, and straight to the point, but so uninteresting. :P So I went with a nickname that more accurately reflects the thrust of this site: “The Nostalgic Heart Studio.” Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? ;) After all, this domain is about looking back on old classic fandoms I used to love (and still do!), and putting up new creations based on them (hence the “Studio” part). I’m not exactly up for trends, anyhow; I like my loves to last, thanks very much.

(The new name has the same meaning as the Japanese “natsukashii,” and I briefly considered naming this domain “The Natsukashii Network,” but having a Japanese nickname for a Nihongo domain is a bit tautologous. ^^;)

I also changed the favicon, and added some new linkback codes for this site a couple of days ago—I just failed to plug it because I make the suckiest codes. Also added a few more links to sites I admire on the Exits page. <3