Jan 5, 2018

It’s taking me forever to launch this site because I don’t know what the heck I want my layout to be! I’ve tried coding with HTML5, to no avail, so I ended up revising my old templates and updating them, but then I needed to read up on new CSS standards. (Being out of the site design hobbyland for five years made me quite rusty, to say the least. Also, I set out with no definite plan as to how this site would look after designing the header, lol.)

Then I set out with writing more content pages, but I ended up wanting a different layout for each one, and now my CSS file size has ballooned up to about 20KB (I wanted to keep it super small to make sure it loads fast), and I just thought, this is not worth it for only a few site pages. xD So I’m letting it sit for a while before I decide what my final layout is.