May 26, 2018

This is my third finished fanlisting in two weeks! *falls on bed* I am exhausted lol. Especially because just when I was ready to code the layout, the pattern texture was tiled but NOT seamless *pissed* so I had to redo the layout header graphic all over again. AND THEN, Enthusiast was having a database problem that prevented me from joining the FL. I only solved it by deleting the listing and then adding it again. What a pain

I’m actually not happy yet with the layout, but I’m launching the site for a “soft opening” just to comply with TAFL standards. ^^; I’ll be doing some layout tweaks next week—hopefully I’ll like the new result better.

The Eve of Spring: The Kurabo FL

Do join if you are a Kurama/Botan fan!

Now, I need to rest. I feel like my design juices have been sucked dry. xD I have a few more weeks before I need to turn in the next batch of FLs I applied for, anyway.