May 24, 2018

It took me several days to be happy with the layout (it’s growing on me), and then another three days to get the coding just right and just decide on the colors, but now it’s finally finished:

The Ranma and Akane Fanlisting

The Ranma/Akane Fanlisting

They’ve been my OTP since I was 12, and it’s so thrilling for me to finally be able to run their fanlisting. :) My interest in them was renewed a couple of years ago when I learned that the first chapter of the manga saw print in 1987—meaning the manga is celebrating a three-decade milestone. ♥

Now all that’s left for me to decide is if I still I want to change scripts—I’ve always loved Enth, but the join form has too many fields that look complicated to someone outside of TFL, and I want to make it simpler. I’m also not averse to coding everything manually. Hmm. I will need a few more days on this.