Apr 23, 2018

I initially did not want to get back into FLs when I closed Beatifique.org in 2013, but now that I am back into the online fan communities I realize how inevitable putting up these little tributes are. ^^; My plan is to ultimately convert these into small fansites, but seeing as I generally do not have enough stamina to maintain them, putting up at least a fanlisting guarantees some other purpose (other than for my own entertainment), namely, to “unite all fans” of a particular subject (per TFL slogan).

So before I could change my mind, I went ahead and applied for three OTPs about a week ago: Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, Ranma and Akane (TAFL), and Kurama and Botan (also at TAFL). Applying for these sites on the Network, with their four-week deadline to put up a working site, will certainly do wonders for my motivation to finish any of these tributes I’m planning so that this domain doesn’t feel so empty.

And today, I received the approval for all three of them! <3 They were all wishlisters once upon a time (when they were all still managed by very capable owners), so getting to run them is really thrilling for me. I'm getting on making sure the Pepperony FL is crosslisted to two other categories (aside from Relationships: Book/Movie, I should have it listed under Animation and Comics, too), so let's keep our fingers crossed for that. :)