You can call me Ai~ (nice to meet you). I selected an online handle that is fairly close to my real name, and which is both Japanese for "love" and a homonym for "I" (the self)—a fitting choice for a personal site like this one. Because the name is quite common, I added the tilde (~) mostly for effect; however, it's also meant to indicate that there's more to my name (and me, I would hope). ;)

Yusuke/Keiko fanart by (A Commission) As I explained elsewhere, this online persona is an escape from my RL problems. Obviously, women my age have bigger problems to worry than anime and manga. However: once a fangirl, always a fangirl. I'm rather old by fan standards, so I style myself as a retro-fangirl. This simply means that, with a few exceptions, I do not get into new series; instead, I indulge in old series I used to be fond of. A huge anime fan in my teens, I find myself drawn this year to reboots of series and find pleasure in rediscovering manga, characters, and relationships I enjoyed as a girl. Conversely, this also means I am left to discover older (not recent, and rarely ongoing) series I never explored when I was younger. You can say I prefer my anime and manga complete and whole. That way, there are no dangers of disappointment at supposedly-trolled endings.

2017 was a good, ripe year to define myself as such. That year marked the 25th anniversary of the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon anime (and in the summer, I ended up watching a lot of Sailor Moon Crystal, the series reboot adapted closely on the manga chapters); the 25th anniversary of the Yu Yu Yu Hakusho manga (and since I've been learning Japanese, I've also taken to purchasing manga in Nihongo along with the official English translations); and the 30th anniversary of the first Ranma 1/2 manga chapter (which actually spawned this entire project—I just became obssessed with Ranma and Akane for the better part of 2016).

Right now I am indulging in the exception to the above definition, because Voltron: Legendary Defender is a very popular ongoing series from Dreamworks, which I discovered via Netflix. I do maintain, however, that I only checked out this reboot only because I watched the original Voltron in the 80's, as a kid. So I guess, yes, it still goes with the spirit of this domain, which is nicknamed The Nostalgic Heart Studio.

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