Welcome to KOISHII.ORG, aka The Nostalgic Heart Studio, Ai~'s fanworks-oriented domain that celebrates her love of couples and romance in select fandoms. Stay awhile, and (hopefully) you like what you find.


Among many fan-related pursuits, maintaining small online projects remains a favorite. I started out with creating fanlistings (with my former domain, Beatifique.org), which have been pretty addicting to make, and now I'm trying my hand at crafting tiny tributes for subjects I am interested in.

This page lists of all the sites found here at The Nostalgic Heart Studio, as well as those in-progress (i.e., those which I am either planning or finishing).


I own a few fanlistings! Join if you are a fan.

The One Thing: The Tony/Pepper Fanlisting Best Left Unsaid: The Ranma/Akane Fanlisting The Eve of Spring: The Kurama/Botan Fanlisting


I'm currently working on the following sites, so you can check back later when they will be launched on this domain (listed in order of priority):

  1. My doujinshi collection site
  2. A webdesigners' clique
  3. A Sailor V manga tribute
  4. A Kurama/Botan tribute (+an FL, if approved) DONE May 26, 2018 » The Eve of Spring
  5. A Ranma/Akane tribute (+an FL, if approved) DONE May 24, 2018 » Best Left Unsaid
  6. A Tony/Pepper tribute (+an FL, if approved) DONE May 14, 2018 » The One Thing


I'm thinking of putting up these sites after I finish everything in my Upcoming list above:

  • A layout archive
  • My character scrapbook(ish) sub-collective
  • A Yusuke/Keiko tribute
  • An Ichigo/Orihime tribute
  • A Naruto/Hinata tribute
  • My old prayer clique
  • My fanfiction review site