Fic Recs

This page lists all the fanfiction that, as personal favorites, I think represent the best of any ship I ever fancied. I compiled everything here mainly because I need them all in one place, but other fans may enjoy reading them as well. Most are lyrically-written oneshots; others are captivating, plot-driven multichapters. Some are recent, but most are several years old. All feature NL/het couples, and none are explicit. Go here to know what fanfiction is, why I read them, and what criteria I used to curate the list below.

The list below is arranged alphabetically according to ship, with the series identified after the couple name. If you happen to agree with me that it's a really good (or at least, enjoyable) story, please take the time to drop the author a line saying so. (On that note, most of the authors here have written other stories featuring the same pair. If you like one I recommended, then do check out the writer's profile, linked in their fic pages. Maybe you'll find a story you'd like better.)

NOTE: This list is a work-in-progress. Expect more stories to be added when I get the chance.

All links are guaranteed to work, and open in new windows. For any broken links, please email me.

A: Angst ✶ Ac: Action & adventure ✶ AU: Alternate Universe ✶ D: Drama ✶ F: Fantasy ✶ G: General Romance ✶ H: Humor ✶ V:Vignettes

Eriol/Tomoyo (CCS)

Harry/Hermione (HP)

  • Any HHr fic by Parker Gray—seriously, she's that good (D, G)

Jonny/Jessie (TRAJQ)

Kenshin/Kaoru (RK)

Kurama/Botan (YYH)

Miroku/Sango (IY)

Ranma/Akane (Ranma 1/2)

Tony/Pepper (MCU: IM)

Wheeler/Linka (CP)

Yusuke/Keiko (YYH)

Zealot/Grifter (WC)

Bonus. Here are other good fics featuring couples that I like but are not exactly my OTP: