Koishii.org is the gateway to all my fan-made websites. (Hi, my name is Ai~hajimemashite!) Bought in November 2017 and formally opened in March 2018, this domain is hosted at Leprd Space and registered with Crazy Domains.


Koishii—which is Nihongo for "beloved"—is a term of endearment I first encountered in a K/K fic I read 20 years ago. (It has since stuck with me because I thought it sounded lovely.) Since I have always liked anime and manga, purchasing a Japanese domain name seemed appropriate. Also, because I am an unapologetic romantic who flits in and out of fandoms mostly for the ships, you can see how the name fits.

This domain is nicknamed The Nostalgic Heart Studio, the reasons for which are made clear in my discussion of my retro-fangirlism.


To be perfectly candid, I initially had no grand plans for this domain. I actually bought it on a whim. xD I've been making personal websites as a hobby (off and on) since 1999, but I decided to give it up five years ago when I became incredibly busy with work and was getting decidedly older. It was a mistake. One day I realized I just needed a creative outlet that has nothing to do with the field I am in. (You get it, don't you?)

Hence, Koishii.org exists to prove that, apparently, webdesign as a hobby is cheaper than therapy. xD (My last domain, Beatifique.org—which I maintained for about five years— also served a similar purpose.) I make mostly small tributes to things I love, so this entire domain is going to be my cozy online home.


I offer the following services, in case you wish to avail of them:

  • Beta reading for fanfiction
  • Graphic requests (headers, icons, one-page layouts)
  • URL Masking (your x.koishii.org subdomain)
  • Email forwarder (you@koishii.org)
Send me an email if interested, and we'll go from there. :)

The design and contents of this site are not to be duplicated or redistributed.