Domain info

Koishii is Japanese for "beloved," and this domain exists because, from time to time, I need to indulge my inner sporadic fangirl who is an unapologetic romantic. (Yes, I ship mostly canon and het [NL] couples. I'm the most boring person I know.)

Bought in November 2017 and formally opened in March 2018, this domain is hosted at Leprd (thanks so much, Lysianthus!) and registered with Crazy Domains.

Quick history

To be honest, I bought this domain on a whim. I've been making personal websites as a hobby (off and on) since 1999, but I decided to give it up five years ago when I became incredibly busy with work and was getting decidedly older. It was a mistake. One day I realized I just needed a creative outlet that has nothing to do with the field I am in. (You get it, don't you?) Hence, the birth of Koishii.org. (My last domain before this was Beatifique.org, which I maintained for about five years.)


Like I said, this online persona is an escape from my RL—women my age have bigger problems to worry that animanga. But once a fangirl, always a fangirl. I do know I'm rather old by fan standards, so I style myself as a retro-fangirl: With a few exceptions, I rarely get into new series nowadays—I just don't have the energy to. What I do instead is indulge in old series I used to be fond of. A huge anime fan in my teens, I find myself drawn this year to reboots of series and find pleasure in rediscovering manga, characters, and relationships I enjoyed as a girl. Conversely, this also means I am left to discover older (not recent, and not ongoing) series I never explored when I was younger. You can say I prefer my anime and manga complete and whole. That way, there are no dangers of disappointment at supposedly-trolled endings.

2017 was a good, ripe year to define myself as such. That year marked the 25th anniversary of the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon anime (and in the summer, I ended up watching a lot of Sailor Moon Crystal, the series reboot adapted closely on the manga chapters); the 25th anniversary of the Yu Yu Yu Hakusho manga (and since I've been learning Japanese, I've also taken to purchasing manga in Nihongo along with the official English translations); and the 30th anniversary of the first Ranma 1/2 manga chapter (which actually spawned this entire project—I just became obssessed with Ranma and Akane for the better part of 2016).

TL;DR: Koishii.org exists because of my self-proclaimed retro-fangirlism.

Current layout

It should be no surprise that my current design features my ship of the moment, Kurama x Botan of Yu Yu Hakusho by Togahashi Yoshihiro. The main image features a commissioned fanart by Twin1992 of DeviantArt, and is used with the artist's permission. (With massive thanks to Radioactiveshake for commissioning this piece in the first place. It's really difficult to find any Kurama/Botan fanart on DA without it being commissioned by her! She doesn't seem to be active in the fandom anymore, but her legacy remains. Thank you on behalf of all K+B fans!)

NOTE: The design and contents of this site are not to be duplicated or redistributed. All resources used in making this layout are from license-free websites. Yu Yu Hakusho characters belong to Yoshihiro Togahashi © 1992. No infringement is intended.